• Sarah Loveland

When life gets in the way...

When life gets busy and you don't get a chance to use your camera for awhile it's totally normal for things to feel a bit tricky when you go to use it again. It can feel frustrating and a bit like you know what you want to do but you have to think so hard to try and remember how to do that, or it can just feel a bit awkward, like when you have to drive a car you haven't driven before!

Try not to get frustrated and give yourself a hard time. Don't put yourself under pressure, just go with it. Have an explore and see what happens. Usually by the end of a bit of time with your camera you'll be feeling like you really need to make more time for this because it feels really good.

If I don't pencil in time to take pictures for me it just doesn't happen. If I pencil things in and try to stick with it, that works so much better.

Set yourself a project or some challenges if you need something to motivate you. I have clients that book a lesson in every now and then as a way to get some camera time and also to give themselves something to keep them going with it. We also have the photography fun online club which has a different theme and wander challenge each month. This is a good way to keep using your camera, as is the monthly competition on the Facebook page.

Don't worry about what you can't remember or can't do. That doesn't matter. Just start where you are and have some fun from there. Sarah x


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