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When four wheels are better than two!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

In November last year I went away on a trip to stay with friends in France. This trip involved two trains, a plane and a bus. Whilst this may sound like just a holiday, I hadn't actually left the UK in 10 years and I was travelling on my own. For me, this was a very exciting adventure. As soon as the flights were booked I went into total over excited child mode and then I thought, Oh! I don't actually have any luggage. I don't have a suitcase! I have a bags but not a lockable, wheel-able thing. Although I wasn't travelling for a few weeks, having decided I needed a suitcase, I needed one right that minute. Off we went to a department store to find my perfect suitcase.

Suitcase shopping is a weird experience. You stand there and look and you read the labels and they say the capacity in litres, like that's going to help me know how many hoodies I can fit in it. I have no idea. Also, when stood in a shop, I had no idea what I wanted to take on holiday with me. So I decided the first thing to do was choose the colour I liked and then progress onto size. There was another lady there and she was having the same suitcase size dilemma. After much thought, I picked my suitcase and I loved my suitcase like it was my most prized possession. I bought it a nice tag ha ha. Don't worry I didn't name it. People name cars, I don't know if they name suitcases. I was so excited about my trip that Jeremy joked I would be packed, sat on the train platform with 2 weeks left to go saying, is it time yet? My friend managed to put up with my daily countdown until the trip day finally arrived.

I got to the station and I sat down with a coffee, suitcase at my side and I watched people walk past me with suitcases. Then it dawned on me they were wheeling them differently from how I thought you did it and that my suitcase had 4 wheels! Those of you that travel a lot will go, 'yeah of course they have 4 wheels have you lost the plot?' When I last had a suitcase they only had 2 wheels. Now they have four! So as I sat there I watched others intently to see how I was supposed to wheel my four wheeled suitcase without ending up in a heap. Nobody teaches you these things, you are just supposed to know. I decided it was a bit like walking the dog, only the suitcase was better behaved. I could wheel it at my side, I could wheel it behind or push it in front. This was good until it came to crossing the road or cobbles, then it would do what it wanted and try and trip me up. Again, much like walking my three dogs!

I soon learned that 4 wheeled suitcases go much faster and require little effort. They are fab. You can zig zag about all over the place. It's probably a good thing I was travelling on my own as my suitcase wheeling antics may well have embarrassed a travelling companion ha ha. My suitcase and I had a fab trip. We are firm friends and we are looking forward to more adventures this year.

Sarah x

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