• Sarah Loveland

The Knocks

Sometimes on our photography path we take some knocks in confidence. This is normal and it happens to me too. No interesting path is ever smooth and there will be plot twists, turns and set backs like any good novel! ha ha. I can only talk from my point of view and how these things feel to me but whether the knock back is a competition where I didn't get placed, mentoring critique that felt harsh, something not selling when I thought it would, or self doubt, in the long run it's these things that move me forward. Without pushing myself out of my comfort zone I could be stuck in the same place.

As you get more confident in your photography and you start to share pictures you love, you may find that you are open to the at times harsh opinions of others. Sometimes on social media in groups this can be harsh and critical. I have had both men and women in on lessons that have been badly knocked by the opinions of others. Lovely people that loved taking pictures but have lost the enjoyment of it. I gently encourage, guide them in their photography whilst they rebuild their confidence and fall back in love with taking pictures. It makes me sad that they were pulled down by others but it is so lovely to see them fall back in love and to look happy.

A knock back can trigger self doubt, vulnerability and at times a bit of an 'I quit!' teary tantrum! if you allow them, the emotions will pass but the most important thing is to be really gentle on yourself and remind yourself that you take pictures because YOU love taking pictures. Bring yourself back to that. Bring yourself back to taking pictures for you and that will steady you. Allow yourself some time and space. Be really gentle.

When you get knocked there is the tendency to overthink the pictures that you are taking. I caught myself just the other day and thought, 'Sarah you are overthinking and over-processing in an attempt to be good enough. Come back to taking pictures because you love taking pictures.'

So, my point here is that yes sometimes we need to be brave and push ourselves out of our comfort zones but we also need to make sure that we are there for ourselves, being gentle, encouraging, having our own backs and reminding ourselves to come back to why we take pictures and that is that we LOVE taking pictures. It makes us feel like us! On my Facebook page we are all supportive and positive and I love how we encourage each other when we share pictures from events and workshops. We congratulate the winners of the competition and I love that. Keep up the good work and remember that I am here if you feel that you have taken a knock. You can always book a lesson to help you to get back to loving taking pictures. I am always patient, positive and encouraging. You are in safe hands.

Sarah x


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