• Sarah Loveland

Snap happy

'Oh I just snap away, I'm not a photographer!'

I hear this a lot and sometimes the word photography makes people too scared to book a lesson. I have a number of lovely clients at the moment who have the same reason for coming to me. They don't know each other but this is them and they are all totally ace....

They loved taking pictures with their phones so family bought them cameras for a big birthday! They looked at the camera and felt like they should learn to use it but they were a bit intimidated by it's buttons and menus. They saw my lessons and even though they were really REALLY nervous, they took that step and booked a lesson. They were nervous that it might be hard, it might be technical, I might go too fast and they might not understand it.

What happened was that they came in looking a little bit scared and within the first 10 minutes they relaxed and realised it was fun. At the end of one lesson they left feeling so happy and excited to go out and practice with their camera. 'Oh I'm so glad I came, it's been brilliant!' are the words I hear that make me smile.

One client said that when she told other friends about her lesson, she was surprised how many other people wished they could do that and they quizzed her on whether it was hard or not.

If you describe yourself as a snapper, don't be put off my the word photography. Be brave. Have fun and be proud of your pictures. Photography is not meant to be scary or just about complicated cameras.

Sarah x


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