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Seeing things differently

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I love my sunglasses. Never mind rose tinted, when I put my sunglasses on everything is warm and lovely. The colours are rich and feel good. I stop and go wow, look at that, I'll photograph that. Then I push them up onto my head so I can look through my viewfinder and go oh! The disappointment at things not seeming so warm and lovely when I take them off is temporary. There is a moment whilst I adjust to what I'm seeing.

This is like life. Something I have learned in the last few years is that we all see things through our own lens or filter. It's like we all have invisible sunglasses on and rather than them being a particular colour they are tinted by our feelings and experiences. What we have been through and how we are feeling affects how we see and interpret things.

Whilst digging deep and working on my own self awareness. I learned that how I see things can change depending on how I'm feeling. There have been times in the past, before I learned to understand what was going on, where my mind was very self critical. When it's like that I don't feel like me and I'm more in my head than living from my heart. In my experience, when this happens it's like a filter dropping down, changing how I interpret things and distorting things. When seeing things through a self critical filter, I thought others were critical of me too when they weren't at all. How I felt was how I saw! I would check with a friend I truly trusted and realise that my view of things was a touch distorted. By getting out of my head and doing something I loved, reconnecting with me, I would find that I would feel different. I could see the difference between the two ways of feeling and seeing. That filter would come off. I would feel like me. That me, is a bit like how I see things through my actual sunglasses. Life is warm and good. Now I know in writing that sounds simple and in reality it's not that easy. It takes work to understand what is going on in terms of what you are feeling and seeing. Time and self patience. I get that!

An important aspect to this is that it's really useful to know that others are seeing things through their own sunglasses or filters. In any given moment it's their view and not ours. How they are being towards us, can be as a result of their filter and what they are experiencing at that time, it's often not about us at all. We all have our own view of things.

One dark night, I flung myself into my car, sitting on my favourite sunglasses, rendering them unusable. I had left them on the seat! There was an aggghhhhh moment as I so loved the view they gave me. It's ok, don't panic! I googled and found an identical pair ha ha. Whilst I am open to exploring different views on life, I do love the warm, happy glow that my sunglasses create. They are very much me.

Sarah x

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