• Sarah Loveland

Kitchen chaos

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I love cake. That's nothing new and no surprise but a few years ago when I fell out with the white stuff (sugar) that all changed considerably. At that time there weren't the cookbooks that there are now and celebrities like Davina hadn't done the whole no refined sugar thing. I had to hunt for recipes on pinterest so that I could create a sweet treat that I could enjoy. This was very hit and miss and there were as many creations that went in the bin as did in my mouth. If you know me you will know that for cake to go in the bin it must be really incredibly bad! Cake in the bin, well that's surely a crime? The disappointment and frustration that follows that kind of baking is not pretty.

Fortunately for me the Uk caught up and I got some great recipe books. My favourite baking one is the Modern Baker. Every recipe I have tried turns out how I expect it and that is great. If you have ever cooked with a small child, then you will have an idea of what the kitchen looks like when I'm baking and there is no small child involved. Just me! We have a small kitchen, maybe I can blame that. I don't know what happens but the harder I try to not make a mess, the more mess I make. I only have to touch a bag of flour for it to fly out of the top the minute I try and open it. I swear it has designs on being a jack -in- the box. The worst thing is raw cacao powder. That is so fine and I am immediately in a cloud of brown dust. It settling, covering everything in a fine layer right before my eyes. I'm sure the person that wrote the recipe I was trying to follow that said use electric beaters, is at home, in the cleanest kitchen ever, laughing at me. Not only did the butter and coconut sugar shoot out of the bowl the minute the beaters entered their space like they were trying to evade capture but also the cacao powder created a cloud that would ground aircraft. I had to grab a wooden spoon and beat it all into submission!

We got there in the end but my tiny kitchen looked like there had been some kind of disaster. It's definitely worth it though. Getting the biscuits or cake out of the oven and having to wait until it's cool enough to eat. That anticipation. The the tasting of it. Ahhhhhh now that's better. There is something lovely and satisfying about creating something in the kitchen that hits the spot. Despite the mess, baking is something that makes me feel really happy and alive. I love it! Sarah x


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