• Sarah Loveland

Invisible Untidiness

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I wasn’t really a messy child but for some reason now, as an adult, things can be untidy and chaotic. It seems like it just happens. I’m rushing around day to day, focused on work or life or what’s for dinner. Really important things like that a

nd I don’t notice the chaos. I rush in, dropping swimming bags or camera bangs or random other stuff in the hallway. A trail of destruction throughout the house like an untidy creating Tasmanian devil. I don’t see it. Then one morning I wake up and I go ohhhhhh what happened? How is everything so messy? Have the contents of my house exploded? Have a pack of little gremlins thrown everything around in the night?

Unfortunately not, no. So this morning after an hour of frenzied tidying and a recycling bin full of flattened cardboard boxes that had been creating thei

r own empire on the dining room table, it is now a bit better. It now just looks like a bad burglary. One of my goals earlier in the year was to stop this cycle of frenzied tidying and messy chao

s. I thought, ‘Hmm I know! What I’ll do is get on top of it all and then I will get a cleaner because you need to tidy up before the cleaner comes. It’s a bit like me brushing the dog before I take him to the groomers so that she doesn’t think I’m a bad dog mother!’ So with that plan in mind I tried to improve the chaos. I soon realised that it was me versus 3 dogs and a non tidying husband. As I put the dog toys back in the toy box (yes, they are spoiled ) they were behind me getting them back out.

Immediately after I hoovered they leap about like mad things from one piece of furniture to the other. Chaos! My parent’s house is spotless but then my mum was at home most of the day to keep it that way. So, whilst I think hmm, is this actually possible and do I really care anyway, I know I do care and I want the house to look nice and not like it’s contents have blown up when I wasn’t looking. How hard can it be to tidy as you go? It sounds so simple.

I said to Jeremy, I am going to get on top of it and get a cleaner. I was met with total silence. The air went all heavy as is a dark cloud drifted over. ‘What??’ I asked. He sighed and said, ‘You need to tidy up if you have a cleaner!’ My point exactly. He is anti tidying and so I continue on my solo mission to break the chaos, frenzied tidying cycle, long enough to get a cleaner so that we can keep on top of it and that we’re not terrified that someone might just invite themselves round. Sarah x


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