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I am not a tree

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

If asked, I would say I was open to trying new things. What I mean by that is, that I’m open to trying new things that I choose for myself and not new things that someone else says I should do or try. Ha ha. On these occasions a resistance rides up within me and I want to do the opposite. Like a toddler being told to walk properly and instead lying on the floor in protest. Yes, that kind of internal reaction can happen. I like to be able to make a choice. I like to think about something and come round to that idea. That is the way forward with new ideas, ways of being or doing things differently for me.

When I started doing a lot of work on myself a lovely person I was working with suggested that perhaps I needed to do some grounding. I don’t mean sending myself to my room for a week kind of grounding, I mean energetically. Now, I was new to this and they explained that I needed to imagine roots growing out of my feet and into the ground. That I needed to send my energy down into the ground through the tree roots. So I listened to what I was supposed do and although I tensed at the thought of it, I agreed to try it.

It was at a time when I didn’t much like sitting with my eyes shut, that would set me on edge. I sat down, closed my eyes and immediately the resistance came up. For someone that has a very visual career I find I can’t close my eyes and visualize something I haven’t experienced or seen. Now, last time I looked, I didn’t actually have tree roots growing out of my feet. Each time I tried it, fear and resistance came up and I would open my eyes and say no. I can’t do this. I got all frustrated and I declared, no I am not doing it, I AM NOT A TREE.

Since then I have learned more about it and when my head is all over the place, I am worried, anxious or upset I can take some deep breathes and bring myself back into the now moment. I don’t actually need to turn into a tree. The process of bringing myself back to me and sending my energy down through my body is absolutely ok.

Grounding and working with my energy is now something that I am learning to work with much more and I am lucky to work with an amazing person. I am less resistant now because I am aware of how I respond to new things. I know I can go into toddler on the ground mode and just being aware of that means it happens a lot less!

Sarah x


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