• Sarah Loveland

I am not a giraffe

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

When you learn a new skill it can be clunky and awkward before it becomes smooth and natural. I see that all the time when I teach. Becoming me is also like that. I say becoming me but obviously I am already me, I'm not a giraffe or something.

Giraffes and their long legs were on my mind one morning. This is what happens when you are awake too early surfing your thoughts and emotions. I was wondering whether when a giraffe is born, and it tries to stand up, with its long awkward wobbly legs, whether it just accepts that or thinks ohhhhh (in a baby giraffe sweary kind of way), 'who gave me these legs?' I was saying about awkward and clunky; I feel like that sometimes and usually it's because I am having a growth spurt. I mean in terms of personal development and not that my legs are growing. It can be because I'm fighting against something or wishing I was better at something. Comparing yourself to others only ever ends badly. It's important to remember that you only see what people want you to see and on social media it is often their best bits. I can be really impatient with myself and I'm learning to be more gentle. Growth and change is an ongoing process and new things always take time and practice, before they go from clunky to smooth!

Often I push myself out of my comfort zone and I know that trying new things and facing my fears helps me not only to experience great things in life, but also to learn more about who I am. Sometimes though, I allow myself to surrender to where I'm at; to step back from pushing at the boundaries of my comfort zone and just be me. Knowing that I am ok and enough as I am. I hope that giraffes are happy being giraffes because if they are sitting about wishing they were lions, then I just don't have the answers for that. ;-) xxx


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