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I am a creature of Habit

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

I was amused at myself this morning whilst in the opticians. A year ago, I needed new glasses and I went through a who am I, what colour glasses are me kind of thing. In the end I got one more sensible pair and a brighter more fun pair which I called my crazy glasses. Within a couple of months, I somehow lost the crazy ones so the others became my normal computer/reading glasses. Twice we have had to glue the arm back on. So, I found myself back for a check-up and having to get new glasses. I love the ones I have, but they tend to leap off my face quite often, whenever they feel like it. That’s not always helpful. A part of me would have jumped up and down with delight if the opticians had the same ones. I really would have got the same ones again. I can be a creature of habit like that. It’s one of my weird quirky things. If there is something I like and know, I tend to want to stick with it. My baseball boots are the third pair of identical ones. It’s a comfort thing. I know! So, I caught myself this morning in the opticians when a little bit of me wanted to lie on the floor because they didn’t have the same ones and the first 3 pairs I tried on weren’t as nice as the ones I love. I took a breath and with the lovely assistant, who fortunately was brave and patient, battled on until I declared, Yes, these are the ones, I like these! Phew.

The funny thing about my creature of habit tendencies is that I can either be like that, and I’m often like that when we eat out, or I have a complete random adventurous moment where I pick something I have never had before. This causes Jeremy to say, ‘are you really sure you want that? You don’t normally have that!’ With a WTF is going on here expression on his face.

I love and accept both of these sides to me now but when I find myself doing the creature of habit thing, I can stop and smile at myself in an amused but loving way. Sometimes I will let myself do that and sometimes I will very gently say to myself, ‘Hey, I see that you need to feel secure right now but how about we try something new? It’s ok. I love you and I’ve got you.’ I’m finding as I’m getting better at the whole self-love thing, that happens more. I wouldn’t be surprised if over time the creature of habit moments become a lot less and the adventurous spontaneous moments increase. We will see ;-)

Sarah x


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