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Doing things differently

I was thinking about things I can do now (in lockdown), that I couldn't do before. I dropped the car off at the garage as it needed some essential work doing and I want it to be ok and safe. So I dropped it off and I ran home. I took the roads and pavements way rather than the nice trail, footpath way because in nice weather at the moment that's a bit too peopley and I don't want to run past people. Running the pavement way means I can zig zag across the street to avoid people. This is something Toby the collie trained me to do in my running with him days as he didn't like other dogs.

This was all well and good until this morning at one point there were people on each side of the street walking on the pavements opposite each other, shock horror! Checking that there was absolutely no traffic, I ran up the middle of the road until I was past them. The guy waved cheerily, shouted good morning and said if I did that a couple of months ago I would have got run down. Very true. Traffic free roads make running along so much easier, particularly this morning as it's bin day. The pavements are blocked by bins and parked cars, so I had to run in the road to pass them at times.

Other things I can do now that I love to do is my dog training class with the people I loved to train with in Sussex. I now live at the opposite end of the country and that doesn't matter at all. That's totally fab and it also is the same with my work. The fact that I am more online with my photography lessons and courses means that those that love taking pictures (phone or camera) or those that would like to try, can now get photography help from me no matter where they are in the world. Lessons by video call for those that want 1 to 1 interaction and help plus online courses for those that prefer to get on by themselves. Something for everyone no matter where they are. Perfect!

Also clapping at 8pm on a Thursday night for carers is getting better each week with more neighbours out to join in. Even though I don't know their names (I know their dogs names) I give them a cheery wave. If I thought about it I expect there are other things. Don't get me wrong, there are loads of things I miss and I do have sad moments about the current situation and loss of life just like anyone else, but today I'm in a look at these things I couldn't or didn't do before but can now place.

Take care!

Sarah x


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