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Confidence might be a hoodie!

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

The other day I woke up and I felt like my confidence had gone on a day out. It wasn't that anything bad had happened. Nobody had been critical, nothing had gone wrong, I just woke up feeling like that. It happens every now and then and that's totally ok for me. Do not be alarmed! The day before I had felt amazing. For me it could have been caused by a number of things. It may be caused by food, that odd glass of wine, pesky hormones, a blocked solar plexus chakra or a combination of any of the above. I have a tendency and a need to overthink these things in an attempt to solve the mystery; To stop it happening rather than allowing it. Allow is my word of 2018 so I am trying! It just lasts a day or two and then like magic I feel more me.

Having had a think, I have decided, being a lover of hoodies, that confidence is like a comfy hoodie. You wear it and you feel great but then at some point it has to go in the washing machine! Maybe even someone else picks it up, sees it has muddy paw prints on and puts it in the wash without telling you. The horror of getting up and the confidence hoodie being in the washing machine. So on that day you feel a bit more vulnerable and like you want to hide under the duvet. You wouldn't want to get cold now would you! Then of course you can't hurry the process by putting it in the tumble dryer as you do not want to shrink your confidence hoodie. You have to wait, be patient and be gentle. Then you grab it, put it back on with the hood still slightly damp and you are good to go! Normal services are resumed ha ha.

I am the most comfortable with myself that I have ever been. These hoodie in the wash moments are ok for me as I know they are temporary. I also know I can reach out if I feel like I need to because I have a really good understanding of myself. It's totally ok to do that. At various points in my life I have worked on self esteem and confidence. Things happen in life that knock us and we work on that. We try new things and push ourselves out of our comfort zone. In different and new situations we find we have varying degrees of confidence. I don't think we just become this really confident person. For me it can really differ day to day. I think we become comfortable with who we are and we get better at loving and accepting ourselves. I think that grows, and we get better at being gentle with ourselves when we need to be. Like with most things if we allow instead of resist (there's that word again) things flow nicely.

I need reiterate here, that it is totally ok to say that you are having a hoodie in the wash day, or any other kind of day. I know I have made light of it here. Taking care of yourself is important. Loads of love from me.

Sarah x

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