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Allow yourself to dream

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

When my diary is really busy, the to do list is beyond comprehension and the house looks like it has been ransacked by crazy monkeys, it is very easy to either fly into overwhelm, or react by filling every gap with something to do. Then it begins to feel like the walls are closing in and I need to be in a big wide open space.I need to escape! Whilst I could easily and often throw myself on the floor like a toddler in a supermarket, I have learned to recognize my need for space to breathe.

Most mornings I am up and rushing around but on one day a week I like a slow start. No alarm, no list to launch into and some space. Yes the list is still there but that's ok. In this space I can not only breath but I can dream. I can have a coffee and let my thoughts wander. Rather than being bogged down by things, creativity and ideas can flow. I can look at things with possibility. Even the kitchen which is so tiny and cluttered doesn't seem such a daunting task. Instead of walking in and saying oh for goodness sake, look at the mess, the clutter, and giving myself a hard time over it which I can easily do, on a dreaming day, I can walk in and go, wow imagine how amazing this would feel without all this stuff. It then doesn't seem so bad. I can make a plan from that feel good place .

Dreaming for me is a very positive thing. It is part of the process of turning something that seems impossible into reality. Looking back, if I hadn't allowed myself to dream about having a shop, it wouldn't have happened at all. If I hadn't allowed myself to dream about the possibility of doing the Great North Swim, I wouldn't have had swimming lessons and done that, let alone go on and swim the length of Windermere. Dreaming makes things possible and in that space you can hear what's right for you.

In that dreamy place the critic doesn't seem to be so present. It's just a dream, it's not yet reality. Sometimes if you sit down and make a practical list of what you want to do, the critic will give you a load of reasons why you can't do it. I allow the dream to flow. If something feels really exciting I will see what the next small step is that I need to take to make that happen. Follow the dream and not be ruled by the critic. In a world that is so busy, give yourself a little time to breathe and allow yourself to dream. Where will your dreams take you?

Sarah x


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